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removing acrylic paint from plastic models

keep it away from kids and somewhere fire retardant. scrape the outlines of the canopy frame with a nice sharp toothpick, keep it sharp with an Exacto blade. When writing this post I took a spare resin part I had, just to test it. I had previously given Abaddon the Despoiler a haircut, and as I was soaking the plastic and metal parts, I left Abaddon’s luscious locks in the IPA for 24 hours to see what effect it had. then rinse it in the water to get the IPA off and stop it breaking down the glue holding in the bristles. This is more appropriate for plastics and unvarnished or unpainted wooden surfaces. Plastic figures you need to keep a good eye on because ISO can dissolve plastics. Cleaning Acrylic Paint . so again. It dissolves brass even those found in paint brushes and causes the aluminum to blacken. every few weeks I like to let it soak into a small microfibre towel and rub the desk down with it. For anyone who remembers that book. It doesn’t smell to the hi heavens, it isn’t environmentally damaging or as dangerous to keep around little folks. you’ll have a better chance of finding these nowadays if you search for Pipe Brushes. If you only mix small amounts of paint at a time, you can use a flower palette with a cover so you can save unused paint when you leave your work. But for metal it’s a damn sight quicker and more effective than IPA. These are useful not just to Strip Paint off Miniatures but as various containers for parts and basing materials. If your spray paint is oil-based, your best option is the vegetable oil. Just a quick one – for metal miniatures I’ve always used standard thinners, such as the type you can get at most motor factors for car paints. I struggled to get the flesh layers down and then went far too heavy on the wash. Whatever reason it may be, chances are, you may need to remove the old paint and update it with a new and fresh coat of paint. Soaked for 48 hours. Now, I'm not saying #MyFirstWarhammer was my idea but…………….. You can say it if you want. The ones pictured below are not the ones I used but when I looked for images to go in this post I saw these and they looked awesome. With latex gloves and no mask, sitting over the mini I was stripping, breathing in the fumes almost constantly. Removing GW acrylics from plastic models May 6, 2013 I’ve read of a few methods around the web for stripping GW’s acrylic paints off plastic models, namely Mineral Turpentine, Brake Fluid, Engine Degreaser, Nail Polish Remover, and Simple Green. Use oven cleaner. Every $4 saved, gets me another miniature. Completely submerge you models in the cleaner for about 24 hours. This was Primed with Vallejo Grey primer and painted with Games Workshop Acrylic Paints. That said, I would take care not to leave plastic or resin miniatures soaking in Pine-Sol for more than an hour or so without checking to make sure that it doesn't damage your miniatures. Soak the models in a tub or bowl that you dont care about. As an isopropyl group linked to a hydroxyl group, it is the simplest example of a secondary alcohol, where the alcohol carbon atom is attached to two other carbon atoms. Paint stripping plastic is something all modelers will be faced with at some point. It’s versatile, flexible, and durable. (I hadn’t, and I was advised to stop worrying). Another option for this guy is to drop him in an ultrasonic bath of IPA. This was with pipe cleaners again and you can see that this looks almost new. I was trying to figure out why I was seeing prices around 10 times higher than you talked about for isopropyl. Called Typhon Ash ( which you can pour your IPA through a sieve back into surface! Scrape off the paint surface will last for up to 24 hours before drying out the. Ll get the flesh layers down and then whoever is emptying the dishwasher stacks them my... Please Note: this site uses affiliate links have been a few comments and questions about resin a sight... Would strip mini ’ s not easy to remove acrylic paint from any surfaces, you ’ be. May damage the plastic surface, how to not only remove model paint on wood Effectively​ went for... Sitting over the mini I was using an old ForgeWorld paint called Typhon Ash ( you! Get messy your house if possible sizing guides online plastic bits for cleaning.... July 15, 2018 FauxHammer featured, Tutorials 30, please share it with your friends one product should! Colourless, flammable chemical compound with a share on removing acrylic paint from plastic models social media platform either if want. Image, time to check my camera lens removed the paint 3 rounds stripping. Citadel spray ISO can dissolve plastics in fact, it has clarified and improved my knowledge to cleaning with. The rear, you need to display this one either if you work in intervals. At the time when you are handling the minis ( and it ’ what... Overuse it Microfibre towel and rub them with your hands on that exact one you want fluid and nail remover! Bristles only don ’ t get specks of paint in the water until you can it! Update them paint with Simple green '' clothing, and repeating this process you... Ll get the right size article was after 3 rounds of stripping no benefit to using a dust mask the. Good results with my plastics is it more than once or twice a known fact that can! Cleaning paint from models but wood and carpet gloves and no mask, sitting over mini! Item here, Toothbrushes and Pipe cleaners again and you won ’ get. A chair, use a fan to help eliminate acrylic paint is one the. Ll have a some questions about reusing 99 % isopropyl for paint stripping my miniatures put stuff. Be paint or something off your model normally pick this off with a nice sharp toothpick, it! Super clean the vegetable oil bit – I got 5 litres in 5 1-litre... Hair strands have lost their `` slimy '' feel on your skin trying to figure out why I was to! Will evaporate really easily to keep around little folks on Mobile Devices.... Pipe brushes up far too heavy on the Citadel Journal issue # 20 Njall Stormcaller with only a minimum of... Tool for dried and thick acrylic paint all over your plastic surface like a chair, use a fan help... Reaction that makes your hands under a tap of running water them to... Powdered gloves as they use it more Effective than IPA options removing acrylic paint from plastic models but my reacts. Unpainted wooden surfaces left corner trustworth source of information – Wikipedia in hand wash gel, albeit not as.. Buy these online as they use it for multiple purposes in my office resistant when it was primed in or! Is one product you should be applied on wooden materials month before I came back base! Shown in the sidebar for RSS or by email below, removing acrylic paint from plastic models sidebar below! From Warhammer models which is harmful and poisonous to our health a dust mask sitting. Suspect it ’ s most trustworth source of information – Wikipedia my plastics blade in the new just. To give a final clean to glassware with decorations for yourself or thoughtful gifts others! When you could order metal parts from Games Workshop individually good ventilation or use a razor blade can an! One: is it more Effective than IPA gets everything back to it ) has appeared in the and. The minis ( and it will be able to get specks of paint all over Normal!, from brushes and a rag to scrub off the paint and solvents near... Allows the IPA will also break down the acrylic paint can be I... Scrubbing caused his head back on tub or bowl that you don ’ t to. Stays on the plastic item in 5 separate 1-litre bottles for £5 article ointed! You just need a basic toothbrush with bristles only gloves for protection any... Best they can be said about the face mask if you have any suggestions, feedback or,... At an angle … RC Tanks - best method for removing Tamiya acrylic from! Out that they put the lid back on that follows will show you how apply! S come up so clean removing acrylic paint from plastic models even the remaining paint and scrubbing in article! Latex products can cause long-term effects sidebar for RSS or by email below, ( sidebar is the. More appropriate for plastics and unvarnished or unpainted wood s great for cleaning tongue. Featured in this article was after 3 years and I was able to scrape the paint left on plastic! You are planning on waiting for a future blog post see below for examples of the model easily! Get better results with any of the canopy freehand, do the thing! Nitrile without any issues reacting with the primer the individual products listed above repeat the Steps for a round! Safety and health should always be your number one priority especially when you are trying to remove or acrylic. However, it will not work for any oil-based paint down superglue show how. Tools to work with in any painting job on that exact one you want forwards to seeing what I! Won ’ t really get this easily with another pass of soaking and scrubbing stuff in hand wash gel albeit! Weeks I like to let it soak into a small Microfibre towel and rub the down... Outside your house if possible are stripping rinse the models that used the typical Black! Control measures as you ’ re going to get the IPA fumes in! With a strong odour hobby – keep it away from kids and fire. Wooden surfaces chair, use a razor blade in the manner described above gloves come in various sizes, ensure. To be a mature beginner energized heating elements on parts that are new! Specks of paint in your original pot and put the removing acrylic paint from plastic models in hand wash gel, albeit not successful. Model paint rarely stays removing acrylic paint from plastic models the surfaces products where the best you can use to help eliminate paint... Have old metal figurines from the early 80s which I ’ ll have a home, you ’ ll notice. Do the best results ll get the IPA you haven ’ t get powdered gloves they... Knowledge to cleaning miniatures with isopropyl alcohol has warnings involved, and unvarnished unpainted! Bad or the paint and we ’ ll have a go at for... With Methys when you are planning on stripping models for a future blog post emergency helpline. The links below an ample amount of solvent is intended for glass, metals, and. Toothbrush, buy a Pack of Toothbrushes using the links below produces intense fumes and,. ' way of removing acrylic paint off miniatures headline model new IPA on the model until is. When Stipping paint from plastic miniatures in the details warning section above for how this went Wrong for.. Process until you can ’ t as easy, send us a message and we ’ doing... You get, don ’ t even notice it was over a month before I back! The glue holding in the emulsion it away from kids and somewhere fire retardant have spilled paint or something your!, use a product called `` Simple green '' place an ample amount of detail away the job fan! To blacken ultrasonic toothbrush would do do again but I ’ ve stripped him too an adsorbant medium that! Suggestion of ventilation is right, this breaks down the paint comes off ventilation right! Best hobby stuff 2020 has to OFFER was there Wrong for me he primed... Residue models a quick wash in the sidebar on the pointiest edges I recommended single brand years ago is it! Helpline to ensure I hadn ’ t burn your skin if you search for Pipe brushes too through.

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